By:  – Seattle Globalist

November 19, 2015

How often do Seattleites actually talk about race? At Humanities Washington’s Think & Drink Series, they’ve focused on bringing people together to do just that.

For the last four years, the organization has held get-togethers over drinks in Seattle, Spokane, Yakima and Tacoma to talk about important and timely topics. In the past two years, many of the Think & Drinks panels have centered around race. Panels have included discussions on policing and race and diversity in sports.

At the final Seattle panel of this year, which was at Naked City Brewery in the north end, Think & Drink discussed what it’s like to be black in a mostly-white liberal city. The demographics of the event certainly reflected that — with a panel of prominent black Seattle residents talking about their experiences to a mostly white crowd in Greenwood.

Moderator Phyllis Fletcher asked for a show of hands of those who heard other white people criticize the Black Lives Matter interruption of a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattleearlier this year. Many in the audience did. Then she asked for those who stood up to that criticism. Hands dropped.

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